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Spring Fever Farm's gorgeous wedding horses are a natural
choice for adding that final lovely touch to your wedding!
No matter the style or tradition ofyour special day, we can
guarantee we'll provide you with safe, beautiful horses that will create lasting memories for you, your family and your guests!
Read below about our Golden Carriage, our South Asian Baraat Horses and our Single White Horses.

   The Golden Carriage


Blue and white flowers to match the lovely bridesmaids!

All ready for a South Asian wedding.  

A wedding in DC, sans the gorgeous horse costume, due to high wind.

The huge speaker, mounted behind the carriage steps,
can rock the leaves off the trees . . . or not!

The sound system includes a mixing board, wireless microphone
and a power supply for a laptop. The speaker is self-powered.

The family and friends follow behind the carriage, with continual, full access to the bride and/or groom . . . a much more natural, easy arrangement!      

   Spring Fever Farm is now offering our clients a unique, custom built horse-drawn Golden Carriage for their wedding and special celebration needs. There is no other carriage like this in existence, since we designed and built it ourselves!

   The Golden Carriage has a carved antique canopy top, drapes and flowers that can match the occasion's colors, a lighted interior for night-time baraats and room for eight people - all wrapped in an ornately detailed gold exterior that shines like the sun! The Golden Carriage is pulled by a pure white Percheron draft horse, well seasoned in commercial carriage life. 

    For South Asian weddings, the Golden Carriage travels at the head of the baraat procession, and is open in the rear so the groom can enjoy the dancing and festivities going on behind the carriage. The carriage is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, so your DJ will be able to walk behind the carriage as the music is played out to the crowd behind the carriage, thereby eliminating the need for another vehicle at the head of the procession. The sound system includes a high-output speaker, mixing board, wireless microphone and 1000W power inverter - all your DJ needs to bring is your music and a cell phone or laptop! The horse wears the traditional tapestries of red and gold, and has ankle bells and a red feather plume on its head. The Golden Carriage is ideal for Vidai Ceremonies because the bride and groom can easily interact with their family and friends, enjoying the revelry behind the carriage, then relax together in private, during their carriage ride into their new life together!



Golden Carriage for a wedding = $1200

    Golden Carriage for a Baraat = $1200

    Vidai Ride at the same wedding = an additional $600
                                                       ($1800 total for both)

idai Ride Only (no baraat ride) = $1200


 Call 301-829-5048 to reserve your date! Or you can email us   at

Once you've cleared the date with us, click the button below to
leave your $600 deposit for the Golden Carriage.


South Asian Baraat Horses


  Impress your guests with a traditional baraat horse at your wedding. We specialize in beautiful Andalusian horses who are calm and gentle and have been performing for us in front of audiences for 15 years. We service the Baltimore and Washington, DC areas and we provide everything you need: the horse, a handler, all equipment and the traditional horse costume, including an umbrella.

Call 301-829-5048 to reserve your date! Or you can email us at

Once you've cleared the date with us, click the button below to
leave your $300 deposit and reserve your date.


A Single White Horse



Make the entrance that dreams are made of, on a gorgeous
white horse! We will wait through your service, then pose the
horse for photos with your wedding party.
Our horses are gentle and calm, and VERY memorable!
Step outside the box by riding a beautiful horse to your wedding!

Call 301-829-5048 to reserve your date! Or you can email us at

Once you've cleared the date with us, click the button below to
leave your $300 deposit for a Single White Horse.


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