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Videos of Our Performances

Videos of Our Performances

Below is a sneak peek of our work; what people are saying about us, some photos and clips of various performances.

Click below to see a short video of our "Maypole" routine - the only horse-back ridden Maypole
dance that we know of!

The "Sisterhood Circle" from the Maypole routine. 
(Photo by David Koscinch, 2007)

Click below to see the video of our July, 2007 "Riverdance" routine, with five of our Andalusians, including three stallions. Unfortunately, there is no sound, due to our using the Riverdance song, which is copyrighted. But you can see the choreography and get the whole experience at one of our shows!


We performed at Horse World Expo's 2008
Theatre Equus and it was a blast!
Here's the video, shot by a fan:


Payaso, ridden by owner/trainer Diana Beuchert, and Piconero, ridden by Kara Mandell, at the Horse World Expo's"Theatre Equus" show February, 2008. (Photo by Onawa Cutshall, 2008)

Click below to see a short video of our "Blue Danube" routine. Our tribute to
both the Spanish Riding School, in Vienna, Austria, and Spain - the country of origin of our dancing horses.


Our advanced pas de troix, "Blue Danube",
in Spanish attire. 
(Photo by David Koscinch, 2007)



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