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Boarding and Training

Our state-of-the-art facility is clean, safe and friendly and we pride ourselves on treating the horses like gold. Owner and head trainer, Diana Beuchert, is a professional Animal Communicator and knows what horses are thinking and feeling. She never allows any harshness or unfair treatment of any animal on the farm. Her horses have wonderful ground manners and even her beautiful stallions behave like gentle geldings.

Our indoor is complete with mirrors, an excellent sound system and
fantastic footing that
is impeccably manicured. The outdoor arena is 100' by 200' and also has excellent footing. The heated wash stall and tack room offer all the comforts of home to both
humans and equines.

We offer rolling pastures, group turnout and an excellent nutritional program. Horses are protected 'round the clock from harsh weather and danger as Diana doesn't believe in night time turnout. She feels the horses are safest at night in their stalls. During the summer, they come in to their fan-cooled stalls during the hot part of the day, then go out again till sunset. Your horse will never feel more understood and pampered than at Spring Fever Farm!

Diana schools horses in classical dressage as well as exhibition work. She specializes in Iberian breeds (Andalusians, Lusitanos, Lippizzans, etc.) but will take any sound, sane horse into training. Her background includes working with some of the very best classical dressage trainers of our time. Her methodology is that of the famed Spanish Riding School, in Vienna. Her knowledge of biomechanics and her uncanny ability to "read" the horse are keys to her success in helping all levels of horses - from the ground up... to off the ground!

Training: Diana is only training her own Andalusians in 2014.

Full board: $600/month.

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