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Our Andalusian Stallions

"Piconero III"

Imported from Spain - currently standing at stud
1998 black-bay, P.R.E. (Andalusian) stallion, 15.1 hands tall.

Congratulations to Piconero for winning PVDA's
2008 High Score of the Year Award
at Third Level under trainer Diana Beuchert!

Bred by the Ovelar stud, one of the largest and most famous breeding farms in Spain, Piconero is approved by the Spanish Stud Book for breeding. He throws color to mares of color and has a very sweet personality, smooth, floaty gaits and a huge extended trot. Called the "Toy Horse" around the barn due to his impeccable manners and sweet disposition, Pico is schooling in classical dressage at the P.S.G. level, is winning at Third Level with scores in the very high 60's and is also used as a lesson horse by children and beginners on a regular basis.

Stud Fee: $1,200 for Andalusian mares / $800 for Non-Andalusian mares. $250 booking fee. LFG.

Piconero at home
Diana riding Piconero at a dressage show
Piconero being petted by children at the Spoutwood Farm Fairie Festival in 2008.

Anochecer CTS, Pico's PRE 2004 son. Click here to see his web page!

"Payaso M3"

April 1, 1992 - April 16, 2015

Our Foundation Stallion 
1992 grey P.R.E. (Andalusian) stallion, 15.3 hands tall.

Congratulations to Payaso for winning PVDA's
2008 Reserve Champion
High Score of the Year Award

at Third Level under trainer Diana Beuchert!

Payaso, who is approved by the Spanish Stud Book for breeding, has a very kind personality, exceptionally comfortable gaits and excellent extension and suspension.
A very baroque stallion, his power and presence are magnificent. He is used as an exhibition horse and takes the audience's breath away on a regular basis. His great looks, heart and brilliance are passed on to all his offspring, who are usually
over 16 hands.

Sadly, Payaso passed away on April 16th, 2015, two weeks after his 23rd birthday. He was in pain from an internal melanoma, we believe, and was not happy. He was well loved and was an integral part of all of our hearts!
His spirit still roams the farm today.

Payaso at home
Diana and Payaso - 2003 Horse World Expo, New Jersey
Payaso gives a lucky child a taste of Spanish Walk.
In a performance in 2006


"Poderoso SF"

~ Our Pride and Joy ~ and currently standing at stud
2001 grey P.R.E. (Andalusian) stallion, 16.3 hands tall.

Poderoso ("Pan", as he's known around the barn), is a stunning stallion sired by our foundation stallion, Payaso. He is brilliant in his movement, sweet and gentle by nature and shows the promise of easily rising to the Grand Prix level of dressage. His athleticism caused us to change his name once he was started in training, because he is so forward and "uphill". Sensitive, powerful and light, his movement is the best we've ever ridden!
The first time he opened up into his best, big trot, Diana nearly fell off the back of him! And she's an accomplished rider! Happily surprised by Pan's incredible movement and forward force, we changed his name from PanDoro to Poderoso - which means "powerful" in Spanish. His conformation is perfect and he will bring size, presence and incredible movement to any serious breeding program. We debuted Pan at our April show and he wowed the crowd with his natural love of the spotlight . . . something he comes by honestly, from his father! A favorite with dressage judges, he was described by one
judge, his first weekend of showing, as having the very best canter she's seen on an Iberian horse! Pan's movement and expression are breathtaking . . . he'd be an asset to any breeding program!

Stud Fee: $1,200 for Andalusian mares / $800 for Non-Andalusian mares. $250 booking fee. LFG.

Diana riding Poderoso at a recent performance at the farm.
Poderoso with his father, Payaso (on the right).
Payaso, on the left and Poderoso on the right. Like father, like son! (Photos by David Koscinch, 2007).


"Calypso SF"

2007 bay P.R.E. (Andalusian) stallion. DOB March 31, 2007

Calypso's father is our famed black stallion, Piconero, and his dam is a sensational imported mare, Fundidora 2. With perfect angles, bay coloring and an affectionate personality, Calypso provides mare owners with another great choice in stallions from Spring Fever Farm.

Calypso as a newborn
Calypso at 5 months old
(Photo by Kelly Cromwell, 2007)

Calypso flirting with the women after a show.
(Photo by Jay Schabacker)

Calypso as a two year old on a snowy day in March 2009.
Calypso is already 15 hands - almost as tall as his Dad, at only two!
He should end up being well over 16 hands!

"Flamenco SF"

Born June 21, 2011

Sired by our "Poderoso SF", out of our "Azuquita SF", grandson of our "Payaso M3". Our new pride and joy! He has personality (will run to you when called, excellent angles and outstanding, natural gaits. His new owner, Michelle Schmitz, will stand him at stud in the future and show him in dressage and conformation. Congratulations, Michelle, on purchasing the horse of your dreams!


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