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              Animal Communication
                                          by Diana Beuchert

    Have you ever wished you could talk to your pets like you would a person? Have you ever wondered what was wrong with one of your beloved animals, and said, "If only they could talk!" Have you ever had a thought pop into your head, that was related to your nearby pet, while you were busy doing chores? If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're a) normal and a) not alone!

How Does It Work?
    "Inter-species telecommunication" (talking to animals) is very real. It's based on the fact, which discoveries in quantum physics have revealed, that says everything consists of energy - including ourselves and our pets, and even our thoughts. Turns out, it's absolutely possible to transmit thoughts and images via our brain waves, similar to the way your cell phone transmits information! Spiritual adepts, medicine men and women and those close to nature have been doing this for thousands of years.

Can Anyone Talk To Animals?
    We're all born with the ability to read the minds of animals, but it's usually thwarted by our well meaning parents who don't want to raise a "crazy" kid. As adults who want to broaden our mental horizons, all we need to do is break through from the mundane side of life and thinking to the beautiful, spiritual side - where lots of wonderful things await, including our latent psychic ability. This can be accomplished by reading spiritual books, taking classes in developing your spiritual side, learning to meditate (although meditation is not necessary for Animal Communication) and just generally getting in touch with your inner self. Once you're more sensitive to your "inner voice", a good Animal Communication instructor can show you the techniques involved. If all that sounds too hard, you can always find a professional telepathic who has done that work for you!

What Happens During a Consultation?
With over nineteen years of experience in Animal Communication, I do consultations with people over the phone in order to help them with their animals - be it an undiagnosed medical situation, a behavioral problem, informing them of an upcoming separation or just wanting to know how they feel about something. Yes - it is possible to do this over the phone! In fact, many communicators like me don't do in-person consultations at all, due to the interference of outside noises, energy and distractions. Mental telepathy has no bounds in space or time, so you don't  even have to be with your animal at the time of our conversation, in order to talk to them. You can be at your office on your lunch hour, or even on your cell phone in your car (though not while driving!), and we can easily talk to your pet at home. The only real requirement is that we be undisturbed during our talk.

How Can I Make An Appointment?
To make an appointment with me, call 301-829-5048 and/or email me at My fee is $25 for every 15 minutes' worth of communicating. You simply pay me a deposit via PayPal when we make your appointment, and then pay the rest after we're done talking. I would be honored to have the opportunity to help bring you and your beloved animal closer!

     To make an appointment, click the button below to send me your deposit and we'll set up a time for our talk. Afterward, you can PayPal me the remainder of my fee according to how long we've talked. I don't like to pre-schedule a time limit to our conversation, because we never know how long its going to take!

               Ready? Make your $50 deposit for a consultation here:


      Read on for a little story about my start in the Animal Communication world . . .

      I began my journey into animal communication 15 years ago, when my husband and I attended an awards banquet held by our local dressage club. The guest speaker was a woman from New York who "talked" to animals. She was fascinating, and talked of her life as an animal communicator, but most of the audience thought of her more as humorous entertainment. Fred and I were open minded, and I kept her card.

     A few months later, we decided to give this strange idea a shot, and we called the woman for an appointment. We had to "take a number", as she was incredibly busy. I was to call her a few days later, at a specific time. The results of that phone call changed our lives, and mine especially, because we learned that animal communication is real, and it works! Who'd have thought?

     This lady talked to our horses, all five of them, and they told us where they hurt, how they felt about life with us, and one even quoted a student of mine - verbatim! The next day our vet came out, as planned before the phone call, and absolutely verified all of the major discomfort issues the horses had mentioned. Fred's mare had told us her side hurt and the vet found she had a rib out of alignment. Another horse said he hated coming onto
the vertical with his head, and it turned out his teeth needed clipping - they had grown "up-hill" badly. These findings, along with other fascinating things the horses had said, really made Fred and I think. We were convinced, and excited!

      We called the Animal Communicator once or twice more, when there were things we wanted to know from the horses, or other pets. We calmly believed in her, and the whole process, even though it seemed too good to be true. She just kept getting astonishing results, and we just kept being totally impressed.

      Then in August of that year, we were away with our two Andalusians at the show in Lexington. The two Thoroughbreds were home, and under the care of a trusted friend. When we returned, I was horrified to discover a gate off it's hinges, and tied with baling string, the mare cut up a little under her tail, and bitten on her side.

      I immediately began questioning the neighbors, all the while panicking, because four years earlier, our mare had been one of those who had been attacked with a butcher knife by a stranger who was never caught. I was racked with fear and anxiety, and found out that our mare had broken the gate down, and escaped the barn, run up our driveway and into our backyard. The neighbors had helped to bring things under control, and for that I was grateful.

      In my emotional upheaval, I tried in vain to get hold of the woman in New York. I needed to know exactly what had happened, and why. Then I found a site on the internet that listed animal communicators, and one was close by, in Pennsylvania. My phone call to her was to set the stage for the rest of my life's direction.

      The communicator spoke to our mare, and asked her what I told her to: who was it that had been there the day she had "broken out"? I wanted a description and I got one.

      The man was older, balding with grey hair, had a slight "paunch", and a curious hook to his nose. The woman could see him clear as day, and described him to me in great detail. As she did, my horror turned into shock, as she was describing perfectly my next door neighbor! I asked in disbelief, "Was this the man who hurt Favor?" Anita paused a moment, and then said, "No. This man HELPED Favor. He was kind to her."

      I breathed a heavy sigh of relief, then turned to the next question: what exactly had happened? Why had Favor broken the gate down? The communicator said, "Oh, that's easy. The big chestnut had been trying to mount Favor, and had her pinned up against the gate. He was being real nasty, and bit her and just kept harassing her. Finally she happened to lift the gate off it's hinges, by trying to jump it from close up, and it came down with a crash. She ran up the driveway, away from the other horse." I had never told the woman anything about our other horses!

      Well, now I knew this to be true. My gelding is, in fact, quite pushy with Favor when her protector, Paco, isn't home. She had come into season while we were gone, and Island had decided to "play while the cat was away." I called my neighbor (with the hook nose) after hanging up, and he told me he had followed Favor up the driveway with a can of grain, and she had stood calmly while he unlatched the backyard gate, letting her back into the safety of the pasture!

       I was so rocked by this experience, and so moved by the implications of it, that I told Fred I wanted to learn to talk to animals. Both animal communicators had said it wasn't hard, and anyone could learn to do it. I didn't quite believe them, but knew in my heart that my love for animals would lead to learning to talk to them. I arranged to attend a workshop the lady in Pennsylvani was giving a few weeks later, and I read her book in the interim. I read anything I could get my hands on, even books about meditation, which I later discovered wasn't necessary.

      The workshop taught the participants how we could simply "dust off the wiring" we're all born with, and re-discover our ability to communicate telepathically. It was a fabulous three days, and I was invited by the lady to be her guest in her home during the class, which gave me the deeper details about the spiritual side of communicating with animals. I knew this was what I had longed for and I turned out to be especially gifted at it!

      In the fifteen or so years since then, I have spoken to hundreds of animals, ranging from zoo animals to house pets, to a horse in Japan! I've dealt with lost animals, deceased animals, and animals who knew more about their owner's psyche than the owners did! I can feel the animal's pain, know the animal's emotions about various aspects of their life, and help the owner to find their answers, with the help of their beloved pets.

      If you're not laughing at this story by now, and are curious or fascinated about telepathic communication, give me a call. I can point you in the direction of other sources of information, as well as make an appointment for you and your animals to talk to each other, through me. You can learn to do this yourself, and some of you may have already experienced such things. It's a fabulous way to be truly in touch with what your animals like and dislike, and I use it in my training of our horses. It's also a wonderful way to open up those spiritual doors in your heart... the ones where love and truth are living... and the ability to talk to animals.

      To make an appointment with me, call 301-829-5048 and/or email me at I charge $25 for every 15 minutes' worth of time we spend on the phone and you simply pay me a deposit via PayPal, when you make your appointment.

To send Diana a $50 deposit for an appointment, click the Buy Now Button below:


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